Kendrick Lamar + Reebok

Kendrick Lamar and Reebok join forces with acclaimed director Anthony Mandler to take you on a journey through Kendrick’s hometown – Compton. The video celebrates the limitless potential of youth and is narrated by Kendrick through a powerful verse titled “Kendrick Lamar – I AM” – his own personal ode to Compton.

We had a chance to catch up with Kendrick on the partnership. Here's what he had to say.

Question: How long have you been a fan of Reebok Classic?

Kendrick: Since middle school, somewhere around 7th grade. The shoe became popular when Cash Money Records hit the scene. Everybody wanted to wear "Tee Bo’s and Ree’s” as the Hot Boys would put it. White Tee, Jabo Jeans, and Reebok Classics.

Question: What were your favorite Reebok Classic sneakers when you were growing up?

Kendrick: Man, had to go with Classic Leather of course!

Question: What is it about the brand that you identify with most? What does the brand mean to you?

Kendrick: I identify with originality and with a brand that identifies with culture in the community, and with my memories of wearing them in middle school, it proves just that.

Question: The recently released video announcing your partnership with Reebok Classic centers around the theme of inspiration. Tell us why the message of inspiration is important to you.

Kendrick: Kids that listen to my music are looking for inspiration. It’s important that I continue that message in anything I represent.

Question: What makes a classic track for you?

Kendrick: Same thing, how I feel when I hear it. The initial drums when they come on, does it make me feel something; does the melody put me in a space where I can say and write anything…it all comes down to the feeling.